Thursday, May 3, 2012

What if Part 1:

So all this baby stuff makes my head spin!  I love it...  the planning, the looking at little clothes, the nursery sets...  That being said I could never wait till the baby was born to find out what we are having.  (Well, since that option to find out is there I could never wait)  I am counting down the days till we find out actually...  46 days...  Seems like forever!  Anyways, I thought I'd share with you some of my what ifs!

What if its a boy:

Name:  Michael Jacob

Nursery theme:  Some sort of racing.  I don't want black and white checkers everywhere.  I want baby still represented!  I think I found just the set:

I love the colors.  I love the cute way the animals are "racing"!  The room already has blue carpet in it so it would work out perfectly!  I would probably paint the walls the green that is in the car and grass.  Love it!

Crib:  This will be the same if its a boy or a girl!

We already have a dresser and a lower dresser (that will be used as a changer) that we will be repainting to go with this crib!  I love the idea of reusing some old furniture!  Plus it used to be my grandmas set so that means a lot to me to get to have it go to our new baby!  This is what we want to paint it to look like:

I just love the 2 toned effect!  So this is what the dressers we have to work with look like now.  Totally doable.  Just will take some time.

Rocker:  I'm so totally stoked that I will get to reuse my rocker from my nursery for this new one!  It is in great shape.  I will probably repaint it to go with the dresser/crib theme.  Right now it is just white with a vine painted along the top.  This is the rocking chair cover I want to get:

So that is just a little bit of my what ifs "if" its a boy! 

Until Next Time!