Friday, February 5, 2010

Just Because

This is a just because post...  just because I have a few extra pictures that I want to share!!! 

Chrissy and Jose!  My 2 kids!  Aren't they just precious?!?

Jose sleeping so cute next to me on the couch!  I couldn't resist taking this picture!  He's my little cuddler!

Poppy & Jose's Birthday celebration!  Chrissy helped him blow out his candles!!!

Chrissy showing us how to close our eyes for the pin the braclet on Dora game at Emma's Birthday party!  What a stinker! 
Happy Birthday Emma!!!

Elmo Live

We were able to take Chrissy to see When Elmo Grow's Up!  Sesame Street Live!  They came to South Bend and I do have to say for a smaller production than Yo Gabba Gabba I was still impressed!  The dancing that they can do in those costumes are amazing!  Chrissy was in awe that Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar, and the gang were live in front of her!  She had a good time!  After the show she didn't even make it out of the parking garage before she was fast asleep! 

Winter Weather

We did have a decent snow this year and Jake and I were so excited to take Chrissy out in it!  We had a wonderful time sliding her along the sidewalk and pulling her on the sled!  She enjoyed walking and kicking the snow and I even made her make her first snow angel!  Oh what fun!!!  There is a pretty funny video of Chrissy trying to get onto the sled herself but I am not sure how to post it so I will work on it!  Below are some pictures of our outing in the snow...  ENJOY!

A look back on Christmas 2009

We were a very busy family this year for Christmas!  It was non-stop every weekend!  We had multiple family and friends Christmas get togethers to attend!  The gifts were amazing and I am grateful for all our family and friends love!  Here are a few pictures of all of our Christmas adventures!

Our first gathering was our group of friends Christmas Brunch!  Oh so yummy and great times with friends!  We weren't able to get a group picture this year because there were a few people missing because they were sick!  We missed them very much!  Below is a couple of pictures of Chrissy and her presents!  She loves dress up and these shoes and crowns definatley were a big hit!!!

Jake and Chrissy made a gingerbread house for Christmas!  That was Jake's idea and he couldn't wait to do it with her!  Thankfully Wilton now makes them preassembled and you just have to decorate.  I don't think I could ever get one baked and make it turn out like this!!!  Chrissy has started squinting when she smiles but its oh so cute, sometimes... LOL!!!

Santa came this year since Chrissy has been so good!  She had quite a few gifts to open because of the great sales that he got this year! ;-)  LOL...  He didn't even go over his budget!  Below is Chrissy enjoying the big gift this year, her new toy kitchen!!!  She loves making soupy on it!  Jose also got a new bone!

Christmas day we spent with our families!  Nana, Poppy, Grammie, Papa, and Beckie were all there and Jennie and Jeremy came later to play games!  Oh what fun we had!  GG Pat wasn't there because she was sick.  =(  We certainly missed her very much! 
The John Deer Tractor is a special gift from my dad (Poppy) to Chrissy!  He has been restoring it to its orginal details.  This was his tractor pedal toy when he was a kid and I also got to use it!  I am so excited for spring and to see this family tradition continue when we teach her how to use it also.  I know it brought tears to his eyes to see her jump on it and start enjoying it already! 

Next family Christmas we had was with my cousins in Merriville!  It was nice to see them all again because even my cousins from Tennesse were there too!!!  Below Chrissy and Emma play with a drum toy that was at the house!  (Yes Chrissy and Emma are going to become cousins-in-law because my cousin Megan and Stephanie's brother Alan are engaged!!!!  A long time coming but so exciting!  They met at my wedding so can I take credit for them getting together?  LOL Just kidding but we are SOOOOOO excited for the wedding plans!!!)  There is also a picture of all of us kid cousins all grown up.  So crazy to see us all adults that's for sure!!!

Our last family Christmas was Jake's mom's family Christmas!  The Wood family Christmas!  Wow that is a big group!  30+ I believe!  We could rent a banquet hall there are so many of us!  That was a lot of fun, loud, food galore!  I think we had enough food to feed hunreds of people!!!

It was so wonderful to get to see family that you don't get to see all the time and I am so glad there is a holiday that makes you all come together like this to reconnect!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Internet

So just a quick update since its been forever!!!  We just got new internet service...  AT&T U-Verse.  I am thrilled with it so far so I will definately update again!  I have a ton of stuff to talk about, Christmas, New Years, & Elmo Live!  Chrissy had a wonderful time seeing all her family and friends and seeing Elmo in person was a blast!

So maybe tomorrow I can finally update with all the details and some pictures!