Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabba Live

So for Chrissy's birthday gift Jake and I got her tickets to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live!  She loves the tv show so we thought we would give it a shot!  Chrissy had a fantastic time over the weekend.  The show was in Rosemont, IL so we decided to say the weekend.  We drove up Friday after work and we stayed the night in the aLoft Hotel.  It was very interesting hotel!  That night was the first time Chrissy slept in a regular bed so it was a fun time for her!  She didn't go to bed until 12:30 our time.  Jake and I had to start off in the bed with her but eventually she kicked us out. 

Saturday was the show and our hotel was right accross the street from the theater so we just walked over.  It was a little cold but Chrissy was all bundled up and we headed over! 

We had fantastic seats!  Chrissy sat on my lap but couldn't sit still becuase she just wanted to dance because they we playing music before the show started!!!

The show was amazing!  We had a very happy girl on our hands!  She was dancing and singing and enjoying every bit of it!!  She just was in awe that they were in front of her and real!  It made me tear up that she was so happy!  To relive things through your child's eye is one of the most amazing things.

Chrissy was so exhausted when we got back to the hotel she crashed!  She slept for a few hours which was nice since she didn't sleep all the night before! 

Sunday was St Nicholas day!  We made sure even if we were at a hotel that Chrissy put her shoes by the door!  Sure enough St Nick brought Chrissy her gifts there!  Chrissy was so excited to see her gifts by the door!!!

All in all this weekend has been a blast!  We are definately looking forward to taking Chrissy to more shows because she loves them so much!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!!!

I love Christmas!  All the lights!  Chrissy is taking after me too because she just can't get enough of the lights either!  Everytime we pass a house all decked out she says "ohhhhh lights!"  Its so cute then she always says... "again"...  Haha!  I don't know what we are going to do after the holidays!  We might just have to do holiday lights for every holiday...  that would be interesting right!  Well, I just thought I would post some pictures of our tree because not many people get to see our tree!  I always "hate" it when we put it up but once all the ornaments and lights and angel get put up...  I fall in love all over again!!! 

Here is this years tree!  The new addition this year is the train around the bottom!  Jake had a good idea!  Chrissy loves it so much!  I do have to say that it doens't stay on the tracks too much because she likes to play with it so much!

Chrissy's Elmo ornament this year for her birthday!  Nana got this for her and it reflects her party this year!

Here are our inital ornaments! 

Here is our yearly picture ornaments for Chrissy!  I can't believe that this is her 3rd Christmas!  I can't wait to see her face when Santa comes this year!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christine Turns 2!!!!!!!

I honestly can't believe 2 years ago today my baby girl was born!!!  She is the light of my life and such a blessing!  She always knows how to put a smile on my face.  She's amazing! 

Chrissy 8 Days Old!  This is one of my favorite pictures!

Chrissy 2 Years Old!  How grown up she looks!!!

I am not sure what Chrissy is going to do when this week is over!  She has been a busy busy girl since Saturday when we decorated my mom's house for her Elmo and Friends Birthday Party!  Sunday was her party with friends and family and it was a ball!  She woke up in the morning and said "I go Nana's my burthday party".  I had to explain to her that she still had to eat breakfast and nap before she went anywhere.  She did everything I said!  She was so excited!!!

Here are an aray of pictures from the party on Sunday!  The first one is of her decorating her cookie!  Each kid got cookies to decorate!  It definately was a hit!  The second picture is of the pin the nose on Elmo game!  Hanna got the closest but Emma and Chrissy apparently are on the same wave length because they put their noses on top of each other!  The third picture is of Chrissy tasting the frosting of her cake right before everyone sang Happy Birthday!  She even blew the candles out herself!  The forth is Chrissy in front of the big Elmo and Friends banner that we got!  She looks like she is right there with them on Sesame Street!!!  The fifth is her awesome cake!!!  Homemade by Nana (Rosanne) with her classic buttercream almond icing!  YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!  I want some more now!!!! 

Monday Chrissy has toddle dance class so she went yesterday and was able to give all the kids in class cookies for her birthday!  They sang to her and she got to pick her favorite song to do again!  She chose I'm a little teapot!  She goes around the house singing that all the time!  I am going to try to get her on video doing it because its just too dang cute!

Today (tuesday) is her birthday and today is just going to be a quiet night with mom and dad!  She was on Channel 16, WNDU, this morning for their birthday segment!  Watch it here:
She gets a free small birthday cake from Dainty Maid!  Yum again so that will be our cake to celebrate tonight!!! 

Wednesday is another busy day!  We have Chrissy's 2nd year Well Baby check up!  There are no shots at this appointment so it should be a nice time unless they try to put her on the dreaded white paper!  hahahaha!  Then after her appointment we are going to go to dinner and we are will head to Build A Bear and to see Santa!  I can't wait!  She had such a good time last year at Build A Bear tomorrow is going to be a blast! 

So I'm going to sign off now!  I think I wrote enough of a book today!  So, Happy Birthday again to be beautiful, amazing daughter!  Mommy and Daddy love you with all our hearts!  You are the light of our lives and we can't imagine life without you!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

H2Okinetic Technology®

This is going to be a strange post but I am so super excited about this new technology Delta is offering that I was able to try first hand!!  I had to blog about it!!! 

I was given a trial showerhead by our Delta rep at work.  We are trying to be "greener" at work so we were looking for products to make our houses as "green" as possible.  Our Delta rep was excited about this new thing called H2Okinetic Technology.  He went on to claim that I would never be able to tell the difference in this new low flow shower head.  He was so excited about it he offered me a free shower head so I could fall in love with it and sell it to our customers as well.  I accepted his challange, who wouldn't its something free!  I couldn't believe that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference or see any change in anything. 

Fast forward to a month and a half after installing our new showerhead.  The first few showers I can honestly say I hated it.  It felt "funny" and I told Jake after a month we can switch back.  Day after day I slowly didn't notice it anymore, it felt "normal".  I noticed it was quieter because when you bump into things in the shower its a lot louder now!  Haha!!!  Anyways, after the first 1/2 month our water bill came...  a few dollars less.  Big whoop right?  Right...  BUT...  Jake asked if I wanted to switch back.  I said lets give it another month because we hadn't had it up for a whole month yet and I honestly didn't notice it anymore unless I hit it with my arm because it is bigger than the one we had before.  Well, Friday our water bill came...  $10 less than the previous month!!!!  HOLY COW!!!!  That's $120 (approx) savings a year!!!!  I haven't done anything different this month did laundry every night, did dishes so this little showerhead is amazing!  

This is the showerhead that I have but they have so many cool designs that you can find just about anything to fit the needs of your household! 

$56.85 seems a little salty for a replacement showerhead but just think of the money that you'll save each year you use it!!! 

 I highly recommend this to all!  Just imagine saving $120 a year just by changing your showerhead!  Now just think about if we all changed and how much better the Earth would be!  So check out Delta's website for more information and to see all their new "green" products!  They are all really amazing and you honestly won't be able to tell the difference with this new technology they came upon!!!

Visit http://www.deltafaucets.com/ to see their full line of products and to find out more about what Delta is doing to make the world a better "greener" place!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some might think we're crazy...


We put up our outside decorations for Christmas Monday! Yes, Monday the 16th of November! Why? Many reasons... 1 being that we are "smart" and didn't want to do it in the freezing cold and snow. 2 we have something going every weekend until the 2nd week in January!!! 3 is that if you do it early you can put up a lot more!!! (Which I love by the way!!!)

Christmas is my most favorite holiday! Its because of all the lights! I love sitting in the living room at night with only the Christmas tree on. Its cozy and warm. If I could keep my tree up all year long I would!! I wish every holiday was as extravagant as Christmas! I am also done with everyone but Chrissy and Jake for Christmas shopping! (Thank you Target and your awesome sales this year!) Am I good or what???

So without further ado I am presenting my beautiful house and all my Christmas lights:

I think Chrissy is going to take after me and love Christmas lights too. We pulled up to the house after her dance class and Jake was half way done with them and she says, "ohhhhhh lights.... I touch". That's exactly what she did too... ran from the car up the steps to the window and proceeded to touch every light within her reach! She's so funny!!

I guess that's all for now! Chrissy's birthday and birthday party are coming up so there will definitely be plenty of pictures to post for that!

PS... The lights aren't on every night now. They will not get officially lit until the day after Thanksgiving!!! We just had them all lit to make sure that they all worked when we put them up... Nothing ticks you off more when Christmas lights don't work!!! hahahaha!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


Jake, my best friend, my husband, my rock! I am amazed everyday by what he does for our family. He's a wonderful father and husband!

We recently celebrated our Wedding Anniversary! We have been married now 5 years, but we have been together forever (or so it seems, 13 years!) How did we spend our day? SICK... Yes, sick! We ALL had H1N1. UGH!! So there we sat on the couch watching TV or sleeping. What a day that we won't forget. Thankfully we are over that now! I just recently watched our wedding video again and I was crying the entire time because it was so perfect! I love you Jake!


Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude.

Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Welcome! Obviously this is my first Blog so bare with me as I learn the ins and outs of this "new world"! I am hoping that this Blog will help friends and family keep up with our lives! So here goes my first post...

Pidge 'N Boo...

Your probably wondering what the heck does that mean!?!? Let me explain...

Pidge~ Pigeon aka Christine

This is my nickname for my daughter! Even though more nicknames are prominant now, Boo Bugs is really big now, she will always be my "Pidge". How did I come up with Pidge... think back to the Disney Movie Lady and the Tramp. Tramp called Lady Pidge as in Pigeon. Not sure why nor am I sure why that name seemed to fit Chrissy but when she was born she became my "Pidge". That was almost 2 years ago now and I don't know where the time has gone!!!

Boo~ Boo Boo aka Jose

My first "baby". My fur baby! Roseita's Jose Cuervo is his full name. He's a full blood Chihuahua! Everyone told me I'd have to watch the baby around him because his bred isn't good with kids... He is totally proving everyone of them wrong! In fact I think that I will lose my heater in bed once she moves to a toddler bed! He loves her so much!

There you have it "Pidge 'N Boo"! My 2 kids! Above is a picture from Halloween 2009!