Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some might think we're crazy...


We put up our outside decorations for Christmas Monday! Yes, Monday the 16th of November! Why? Many reasons... 1 being that we are "smart" and didn't want to do it in the freezing cold and snow. 2 we have something going every weekend until the 2nd week in January!!! 3 is that if you do it early you can put up a lot more!!! (Which I love by the way!!!)

Christmas is my most favorite holiday! Its because of all the lights! I love sitting in the living room at night with only the Christmas tree on. Its cozy and warm. If I could keep my tree up all year long I would!! I wish every holiday was as extravagant as Christmas! I am also done with everyone but Chrissy and Jake for Christmas shopping! (Thank you Target and your awesome sales this year!) Am I good or what???

So without further ado I am presenting my beautiful house and all my Christmas lights:

I think Chrissy is going to take after me and love Christmas lights too. We pulled up to the house after her dance class and Jake was half way done with them and she says, "ohhhhhh lights.... I touch". That's exactly what she did too... ran from the car up the steps to the window and proceeded to touch every light within her reach! She's so funny!!

I guess that's all for now! Chrissy's birthday and birthday party are coming up so there will definitely be plenty of pictures to post for that!

PS... The lights aren't on every night now. They will not get officially lit until the day after Thanksgiving!!! We just had them all lit to make sure that they all worked when we put them up... Nothing ticks you off more when Christmas lights don't work!!! hahahaha!!!


Stephanie said...

I think you are crazy for entirely differnt reasons! LOL
Your lights look very nice, and I think if its nice this weekend we are gonna put ours up too.
Just make sure to take them down before spring!