Saturday, November 21, 2009

H2Okinetic Technology®

This is going to be a strange post but I am so super excited about this new technology Delta is offering that I was able to try first hand!!  I had to blog about it!!! 

I was given a trial showerhead by our Delta rep at work.  We are trying to be "greener" at work so we were looking for products to make our houses as "green" as possible.  Our Delta rep was excited about this new thing called H2Okinetic Technology.  He went on to claim that I would never be able to tell the difference in this new low flow shower head.  He was so excited about it he offered me a free shower head so I could fall in love with it and sell it to our customers as well.  I accepted his challange, who wouldn't its something free!  I couldn't believe that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference or see any change in anything. 

Fast forward to a month and a half after installing our new showerhead.  The first few showers I can honestly say I hated it.  It felt "funny" and I told Jake after a month we can switch back.  Day after day I slowly didn't notice it anymore, it felt "normal".  I noticed it was quieter because when you bump into things in the shower its a lot louder now!  Haha!!!  Anyways, after the first 1/2 month our water bill came...  a few dollars less.  Big whoop right?  Right...  BUT...  Jake asked if I wanted to switch back.  I said lets give it another month because we hadn't had it up for a whole month yet and I honestly didn't notice it anymore unless I hit it with my arm because it is bigger than the one we had before.  Well, Friday our water bill came...  $10 less than the previous month!!!!  HOLY COW!!!!  That's $120 (approx) savings a year!!!!  I haven't done anything different this month did laundry every night, did dishes so this little showerhead is amazing!  

This is the showerhead that I have but they have so many cool designs that you can find just about anything to fit the needs of your household! 

$56.85 seems a little salty for a replacement showerhead but just think of the money that you'll save each year you use it!!! 

 I highly recommend this to all!  Just imagine saving $120 a year just by changing your showerhead!  Now just think about if we all changed and how much better the Earth would be!  So check out Delta's website for more information and to see all their new "green" products!  They are all really amazing and you honestly won't be able to tell the difference with this new technology they came upon!!!

Visit http://www.deltafaucets.com/ to see their full line of products and to find out more about what Delta is doing to make the world a better "greener" place!!!