Sunday, March 4, 2012


So we came back from Arizona and low and behold I am exhausted!  I couldn't keep my eyes open Monday afternoon and Chrissy and I just laid in the living room and napped off and on!  I felt like I was coming down with a cold.  Not feeling right.  Sinus stuff. 

Tuesday, still EXHAUSTED even though I slept really good the night before.  I took Chrissy to school and went to do my normal weekly grocery shopping. 

I have very strange cycles and tend to miss months every so often so I think I just pushed off the date in my head.  So I am not sure what made me realize that I was "late".  I worked up the courage to get a pregnancy test because even though I'm 30 I still feel odd buying one.  I decided that since every time I usually buy one its negative and I hate myself for spending the money on them I went to the dollar store and got one there.  I didn't want to take it because this is what usually happens to me...  I'm late, I buy a test, I take the test, its negative, and the next day I start.  I was going to wait to take it so I wouldn't waste the money even though it was only a $1 this time.  I know cheapskate me!  LOL!!! 

So anyways, I take the test later.  I do what it says and the directions say results in 3 min.  So I'm sitting there playing with my phone and I swear to you not 1 min later this is what I see:

So of course I call Jake...  I said I think this is saying I'm pregnant?!?  Well, I couldn't believe my eyes!  REALLY!!!  So we had to go out and get the digital one because could we really trust a $1 store test...  LOL


So there you have it!  SURPRISE!  We are in shock!  Since my cycles are such a mess we believe we are having an October baby!  I am hoping they give me an ultrasound soon so we can confirm that!

So many of you might be wondering why we are so surprised...  We tried for over a year to have Chrissy and ended up on fertility treatments to get pregnant with her.  This time we just played it by ear.  We weren't trying but we weren't stopping anything.  Its been over 4 months probably more like 6 that we've been doing that and nothing happened.  I was just under the impression that we would need help again.  We were shocked and blessed with this miracle!  Overjoyed!!! 

Until tomorrow!