Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cheesy Chicken and Rice

First let me start off by saying this is not MY recipe.  It is from a newspaper clipping I got many years ago from Campbell's Soup.  I tried to find the exact recipe online but the closest I could find is this one.  (Click "this one" to link to the recipe...  ha!)  I tried to take a picture of my cut out recipe paper but it was not pretty so I'll save you! 

Anyways...  Back to Dinner!  I haven't made this is such a long time.  I was thinking of it for a while now and every time I'd try to make it I wouldn't have something in the house...  BOO!  Last night however the stars aligned and everything was in the pantry and freezer!  AWESOME! 

I have Tuesdays off of work because I only work 4 days (yes I know Tuesdays are an odd day to have off but it was my choice to have that day off... so there!  LOL) so I took the plunge and decided I would let Chrissy help me make dinner....  This was a first for us.  I usually shoo her out of the kitchen and ban her to the living room while I make dinner.  It goes faster without help and since I'm usually making dinner when I get home from work and I'm on a tight schedule for dinner and all the other night time activities that need to get done before bed...

So first things first I turned on my Christmas gift from Jake!  I'm super excited that I no longer have to listen to kids shows while I'm cooking!

Best Christmas Gift Ever!
Chrissy comes running in to dance so of course I have to stop and dance with her.  Hope no one saw me through the windows!  Oh well if you did...  Couldn't have been any worse than me trying to put the middle snowball on the snowman yesterday morning...  (But that's a story for another day!)

I start pulling out dinner items and I get the nightly question "What's for dinner?"  My response Chicken and Rice...  Her response  "Good I like Chicken"...  Ha!  Ya OK, can I tape that response so when you are fighting at the table with me I can have proof that you said you'd like it... 

Then I got a new question, "Can I help you?"  I stopped turned around to a huge smiley face...  Sure I said...  I figured this was an easy kid-help friendly meal.  So I got all the ingredients measured out and she dumped them in the pan and stirred...  I felt like a broken record saying not so fast, don't splash it but it was so cute seeing how excited she was to help me and I couldn't help but feel sad when I noticed that she didn't have to stand on anything to help me stir.  My baby is getting so big!
My helper!

I was trying to think of a side but then realized that there was rice in the recipe!  Duh, but I thought we still needed something else and corn bread popped into my head.  Second thought was crap I don't have any muffin papers.  Third thought was crap I don't have my 8x8 pan either!  UGH!  Under the cabinet I dug...  I resurfaced with the round glass pan that I make my fake lasagna in...  round cornbread...  Yum! Why not...

So 45 minutes later the timer goes off and dinner is done.  Round everyone up for dinner at the dining room table.  (Yes we do eat at the dining room table!)  Chrissy did a fantastic job if I must say so myself!  I loved having her help me and I might try to do it more often!!

Finished meal: 

The recipe I linked above calls for paprika mine says onion powder.  I think (if I remember) I might do paprika along with my onion powder next time.  I like to mix it up a little bit!  I've also added season salt before but I forgot this time... 

Hope you have a wonderful dinner tonight!  Let your kid(s) help you!

Until Tomorrow!