Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Bleeping Computer...

I have a love/hate relationship with my computer.  Mostly love, but there are times that I, well...  I think you get it.  Computers have become apart of our lives everyday, one way or another!  My 4 year old can probably run the computer just as well as I can if not better.  (Which I find scary!)  I know I couldn't live without my computer anymore.  I'm just too "connected"...  LOL

Things I love about my computer are:

  1. Its a laptop and I can take it anywhere.
  2. I can look up sales and find deals before I spend all our money!
  3. I can play games on facebook.  (yes, I know that's a lame one)
  4. I can take it on trips and it entertains Chrissy.
  5. Many, many more things.
Things I hate about my/any computer are:
  1. Its got me so hooked that I can not go a day without opening it and doing something on it.
  2. Its gibberish to me when something goes wrong.
  3. It gets viruses.  (Why the hell people who create them, viruses, are so mean is beyond me!)
  4. When I can't fix the problem.
So I come to the reason for my post today, My Bleeping Computer!  I'm working every so dutifully on my computer Tuesday night trying to make my grocery list and find deals on those items.  All of a sudden BAM!!!  This pops up:

Now at first I freaked out!  I have vista, I know viruses suck, I know I could lose everything!  Every time I tried to do something I'd get stopped.  Another pop up, another STOP YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED...  The one that scared me the most:

System danger!

Your system is in danger. Privacy threats detected.

Spyware, keyloggers or Trojans may be working in the

background right now. Perform an in-depth scan and removal

now, click here.

Trojans...  why does this one word scare the ever living poop out of me when it comes to computers...  I don't remember exactly.  I freak out to Jake, "I can't do anything!  Its broken.  We have to pay $60 or more to get it fixed (this is what the link tells you!)"  Jake ever so calmly states "just put it away and look at work tomorrow and see if there is something else we can do to fix it."  This infuriates me even more because he isn't as attached to the computer as I am and thinking I'd lost my computer for good to the Trojan gods was so upsetting.  Finally I was able to calm myself down after trying many things to no avail...  I just knew that Vista Home Security 2012 was real.  I mean it was the system I was running on my computer after all!  

So I get to work yesterday and type in Vista Home Security 2012.  What pops up:

OMG Jake was RIGHT!  UGH, Jake was right...  well 1 point Jake, 1 point computer virus, 0 points Ferris.
So I keep reading and find that I should be able to fix it myself.  Double bonus.  I get to feel smart and I get to get my computer back...  So I find this website,  http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/, it talks me through step by step what I need to do.  I print off the pages and get my thumb drive and head home at the end of the day to start the process of fixing my computer.  Everything is going fine...  Step 1 done, Step 2 done, Step 3 well you get the point.  I get to step 7 (i think) run Malwarebytes.  OK fine.  Download it, start running it.  2 hours later...  Nothing.  It FROZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WHAT THE F***!!!!! 

It was up to 12 infectious items detected...  BUT it wasn't done.  So I shut the computer and decided it was bed time.  It was 11:30 after all, way past my bedtime... was I ever going to be able to use my computer again, had my computer succumb to the Trojans, would I ever be able to get on facebook or Pinterest again?????   
I woke up this morning still thinking about my computer.  I couldn't wait till tonight to work on it.  I mean how would I get any work done at work with this on my mind.  So I decided it was bring your laptop to work day!  LOL...  I figured I could put it on the desk behind me rerun Malwarebytes again and keep an eye on it. 

Its still running right now.  Its been going for 1 hour and 51 minutes and some odd seconds...  Its surpassed the number of items it scanned last night and is up to 12 infectious items.  I'm hoping it doesn't freeze again, obviously...  I need my computer back!!!

Until tomorrow, or my computer is back up and running!!