Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!


Hope your New Years Eve was amazing!  I plan on doing nothing today.  Movie day with the family and veggin on the couch! Jake was nice enough to get cinnamon rolls for last night at the store for this morning! 

Delicious goodness!  I'm not a big cinnamon roll fan but we haven't had them in a long time and it was super yummy!!! 

I do have big plans (in my head) to organize my pantry and try to make that jewelry thing out of old handles.  Jake doesn't think he can get them off the sample board though so I might have to imprivise somehow...  Hum.  Thinking caps is on. 

Right now Jack is on my lap, Chrissy is on the couch and Jake is sitting in the chair next to me.  We all look dead.  How come staying up on New Years is so different than any other night we'd (well Jake and I, Chrissy only gets to stay up that late on New Years and one of the family Christmas parties) stay up?  I mean this last week we would go to be at midnight and get up for work and be just fine.  Is it the food?  Maybe...  All that crap delicious food we only make during the holidays...  My mouth is watering just thinking about it all!

Not too much to talk about because yesterday was just resting up for the get together last night.  I'll leave you with some pictures of our night last night and hopefully I will have some project pictures to share!

Chrissy waiting for midnight!

Beckie and my mom ringing in the New Year!

Not the best picture but my baby and I ringing in the New Years!  She made it!

This is how Jack rang in the New Year.  He didn't make it!  HAHA!!
 Until Tomorrow!