Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolution & Pinterest

Happy New Years Eve!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy time tonight!  We are just staying home with some family and friends.  It will be nice and relaxing and I can be comfortable all night!  What more can you ask for!  That's the best way to start a new year!  So have you thought about your New Years Resolution?  I have, sort of...  I have a few and I think I can keep these. 

  1. Stay positive and don't feel bad if you have to ask for help.
  2. Organize the house better.  (I think I can actually do this now thanks to Pinterest!)
  3. Empty the old house so when (notice I'm staying positive instead of saying if) it sells this year I won't have to do it then!
  4. Play outside with Chrissy more. 
I think that is all for now.  Notice there is one thing that is usually on everyone's new years resolutions that isn't on mine?  Did you guess?  Lose Weight...  Not because I don't need to, trust me I do!  I just figure I am not going to put that on there and not stick to it like every other year that's been on my list!

So talking about my list notice number 2.  Pinterest was mentioned...  Why did I not know about this website sooner!?!  I am addicted.  I love crafting and coming up with ideas.  I love to figure out how to make crafty things myself because I can make them for way cheaper than the stores sell them!

So last night I started my first second Pinterest inspired craft!  (Second you say?  Where is the first?  Well,  they are gifts and certain people who will read this haven't gotten them yet.  Once they do I will post that project too.)  So here is my inspiration from pinterest:
It occured to me when I was looking at this my newly remodeled shower has some fancy tiles in it.  I could try to make this with the left overs.  So here is a peak at my shower:
So I had 2 strips of the fancy stuff left.  My friend Stephanie got a ton of picture texts as I worked my way through this project.  (Thanks Steph!)  Once I got the vision going I couldn't stop!  Oh the possibilities that I could do...  I couldn't fit the tiles into one large frame because of the sizing and the fact that I do not own a tile cutter!  So that didn't stop me.  I have a few black frames from a thanksgiving deal at Meijers a couple of years ago...  They have been sitting in my basement until this year when I've finally been finding things to do with them...  So here they are:

This is what I came up with first!  Now picture black letters on each tiled frame.  B-A-T-H.  The squared tiles are popped out and the lined tiles are recessed.  It gives it a really cool dimensional look.  (please note that these are not glued in yet.  they will look slightly better when they are 100%) 

Yet something just wasn't quite right.  Don't get me wrong I love it but I kept playing with it.  I finally came up with this:

I think this is how its going to be in my bathroom.  I am not certain on the triangles on the corners.  What do you think?  I'd love to see some comments!!!  Still spelling out B-A-T-H on the frames. 
So up next that I want to work on from Pinterst:

I already have the fabric and the handles and knobs.  Jake just needs to figure out how to get the knobs off the item they are on now.  Sample boards.  They aren't screwed in...  So some interesting manuvers will have to be made to get them off...  Can't wait to see how that turns out!

Until Tomorrow!  (2012!!!)