Saturday, February 4, 2012

52 Week Organization, Week 4 & 5 - Part 1

So I was sick and I missed week 4 of the 52 week organization

Week 4 is:

I desperately needed to do this!  I have a big freezer in the basement, a refrigerator behind the bar, and my refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen!  So this really needed to be done!  (I will not mention some of the items on the door are probably still from when my parents lived there... and that was over a year ago!  yikes!  Hey, we don't use door items that often...  LOL)  I will do this sometime this weekend!
Here are some before pictures of the 3 culprits!

Since it is technically week 5 and I don't want to get too far behind.  I decided to bite the bullet and do week 5 too! 

Week 5 is:

This is something I am excited to do.  Why you ask?  See below...  these "cookbook" drawers are my junk drawers!  UGH!!  I am excited and nervous to see what I come across and to see how I can make these more efficient!  

I've been dreading doing these drawers...  I usually just throw junk that I'm not sure where it should go in them...  No more!  These are going to be cleaned and I'm going to keep them clean! 

So how did I start?

 I pulled everything out of these 2 drawers!  Yikes!  How did all of this fit in there?

Next I separated the "junk" into 2 piles.  1 pile for cookbooks and recipes and the other pile was other stuff...

So I started organizing the cookbooks first.  I organized the books.  I then separated all my printed recipes to put in my cookbook binder.  I do need to get a small basket to go in the drawer for my little recipe cards...
The other drawer I don't really have a name for it...  It has the my address book in it, some thank you cards,  Chrissy's twist crayons, stickers, and some blank pads of paper.  I do need to get some drawer dividers.  I just don't know what yet.  I need to find the right things... 
What got rejected?
I am going to move these crafting things to the end of the hall closet.  I think I'm going to make a craft supply shelf since I have been doing so many pinterest projects!
Tomorrow I will be working on week 4!
Until tomorrow!


Jill said...

A good solution to keeping those little recipe cards under control is to use a small photo album. Usually the cards are pretty close to 4x6 so it works well.

Ferris said...

Thanks Jill! That is a good idea and I bet I have some photo albums laying around that I could use! Thanks for reading!