Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monogram Wreath

I can't sit still during tv that isn't my favorite.  So during the Superbowl I had to do something since I only watch it for the commercials!  I saw this picture on pinterest that held my attention for a few weeks! 

It is available on Esty for $30.  You can find it here.

Of course I couldn't ever bring myself to pay $30 for it!  I mean it looks really nice but...  Anyways!  I was at Meijer last week looking for googly eyes for Chrissy's valentines and came across cardboard letters that reminded me of this one.  The best part...  They were on CLEARANCE!  My favorite word!  $1.74 to be exact!  How nice is that!  Well of course my mind started to run!

So this is what I did:

I started off with my letter, mod podge, and twine.  The twine I found when I cleaned out the pantry!  No Cost!  Bonus!!!

So my first step I started wrapping twine vertically on the letter.
This really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Once I got the first bit to stick with the mod podge I just started wrapping. 

Once I was done going that way I started going horizontally.

I just kept wrapping starting at the top and working my way down.
You can see in that last picture my extra mod podge to keep the ends from unravelling!  Once it dried it was hard as a rock and I don't think I will have a problem! 

Next I needed attach the ribbons.
I haven't put any flowers or anything on yet because I think I am going to do items to make this seasonal.  I am going to put a small shamrock on it first since that is our next holiday.  Then I'll do an egg!  You get the idea.

Here it is hanging:
Hanging on the back of my door.

This is where I have it until I put away my Valentines Wreath.
 So total cost for this project was $4.  (Approx $2 for the "H" and Approx $2 for the ribbon, everything else I had.)  So you can make one for WAY less than $30, but yours might be more than $4. 

Happy Crafting!

Until Tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Where did you find the letter H from?

Ferris said...

Thank You Erin! I found my H from our local super store called Meijers. I am sure they have them or something similar to them at craft stores! Hope you can find one!