Sunday, February 5, 2012

52 Week Organization Week 4 & 5 - Part 2

So if you didn't read my blog yesterday I talked about week 5 of the 52 week organization and gave you a preview of my plan of action for week 4.  I had to do 2 weeks in one weekend because I missed a week because we were all sick... 

So just a quick reminder...  Week 4 is refrigerator & freezer organization.  This is something that I really needed to do.  I have been disgusted by the smedge in my fridge.  I just haven't had the stomach or the patience to clean it out... 

Here are the before pictures again:

I started with the freezer.  Not sure why but I guess it seemed less intimidating to me.  Armed with a bucket of soapy water and a bunch of towels I dug right in...  I took everything out.  Anything that was past its use by date...  TRASH!  Reorganized.  It looks so nice now!  I felt instantly better...(PS if you need a ice pack...  I've got you covered!  That whole bottom drawer is all ice packs...  LOL)

 Then I started on the refrigerator side...  I wanted to stop and not go any further but I had to keep going... 

I started with the door.  Cleared it out and washed it down.  Then I moved to the main part.  ICK!!  I'd rather not relive it...  But here is a picture of all the crap out of the fridge and it without the shelves after I cleaned it all!!!

After I went through everything again I reassembled the refrigerator.  Its so pretty and clean now I just love that!  Here it is reassembled:

Now I still need to do the basement freezer.  That is mostly an organizing thing.  Everything in there is fresh!  I couldn't do it today though because ...  My washer is broken...  Why does that make a difference you ask?  Well my washer is in the same area as my freezer and this is what was happening down there:
This was before it was completely torn apart.  BLAH!  Guess what...  It's dead...  not to be resurrected.  So Jake will have to go get the old washer from our other house...  Boo!  Not my favorite...  I'll have to do smaller loads...  Also, I need to start looking for new washers.  This completely makes me feel overwhelmed and sick to my stomach.  Not only do I not know what I want/need the prices are sick!  Reviews are not helping...  I've been reading them all afternoon.  Any suggestions?

Until tomorrow!