Tuesday, February 7, 2012

52 Week Organization - Week 6

Week 6 on the 52 week organization is:

Now I'm going to admit when Jake and I lived at our old house we were pretty good at recycling.  Since we've moved...  it has gone out the door.  We do save our pop cans though!  Our neighbor, my godfather, collects them and turns them in and then donates the money to Pet Refuge.  (It is one of our animal fostering agencies in our area!)

This week will be the step (shove) I need to get back to recycling like we should!  This is our current set up:

Since our recycling is a single stream recycle system I do not have to have a ton of bins...  Good thing!  HA!  I do not have room for crazy stacks of recycling bins!  (Single stream recycling is the emerging trend in curbside recycling.  Customers are allowed to collect all recyclables in a wheeled cart instead of separating items in a bin.)

I think I am just going to add 1 more bin and make signs for Chrissy (and others) to know what bin is for what.  I am moving the dog food to make room for this. 

This is what I came up with:


Here are the signs I am going to make to differentiate between the containers.

Not sure how I am going to make these just yet.  I want to "hand make" them somehow... 

What are you doing to streamline your trash and recycling center?

Another part of the exercise said to have trash bins in every room/area in your house so things get thrown away immediately.  I feel that we are already well set up for this.  The only rooms at do not have an actual trash can are the dining room, the spare bedroom, and the upstairs family room.  The only reason the upstairs family room doesn't have a trash bin in it is because it is right next to the kitchen.  Granted this is the place that I collect alot of spare trash laying around.  I just don't feel like having a trash can in this room would make a difference. 
So this week for me was pretty easy.  Next week preview:  coupons.  I am interested to see what they say for this one.  I've been trying to get back into couponing.  I used to be so good at it! 
Until Tomorrow!


Quillin' Like a Villian said...

I could use the Cricut to make the words for your signs. You could use card stock arrows and literally bend them into the sign for recycle. Let me know if you ever want anything "Cricutted".

Ferris said...

Thanks Shelly! I will definately keep that in mind!!!