Thursday, February 2, 2012

Remember These?

So remember way back in December I started some tile frames to put in my bathroom for decorations?  Well if not you can see the original post here!  Anyways...  I finally got the letters for them so I could finish.  However, right after I started these I got sick so once again they got put on the side for a week or so...  Oh well!  So finally finished them all Jake has to do it hang them!  Here is what it looks like finished:

So I went to Hobby Lobby and found these letters:

(sorry they are sideways, blogger keeps flipping them)  Let me tell you the amazing deal I got on these!!!  Christmas section at Hobby Lobby...  90% off!!!  I got these for 40 cents each!  I was in disbelief and they were the right size!! 

First I untied the ribbons and took a wire cutter and carefully sniped the little wire loop.  Then I painted them.  I didn't want a shiny finish so I just used regular acrylic paint.

I gave them about 3 coats not because they weren't covering because I wanted to get rid of the polka dot impressions on the original letters.  I think it turned out amazing!  I can't wait to see it up in the bathroom!  Maybe Jake will surprise me when I'm at dance tonight and hang them!  LOL... 

Also, maybe you will remember my Art Wall?  Here is the original link for it!  I finally got the letters for     A-R-T when I was at Hobby Lobby getting the bath letters... 
I also wanted to paint these black so I used the same paint I used above.  Jake sanded the letters a little bit because there were some rough spots.  I did about 3 coats on them.  I wanted to make sure they were fully covered. 

Then of course I couldn't leave them plain...  I wanted sparkle!  So I added some red glitter spray... 

I only did 1 coat of the glitter spray.  I'm going to wait until Jake hangs them to see if I need another coat. 

So the moral of this is Jake needs to hang some things!  LOL!  He better get on it right!!!  (He has had the sniffles since Chrissy and I have been sick so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt...  LOL)

UPDATE:  Jake hung them!

My menu planning this week has been going really well!  I am looking forward to next week already planning out what I will make! 

I didn't forget about the 52 Week Organization!  Since I was sick all last week I didn't get a chance to complete week 4.  Week 4 was freezer and refrigerator organization.  Since this week (week 5) is cook book organization I will do these 2 weeks together!  So that is my plan for this weekend.  Saturday I think I will do week 4 and Sunday I'll do week 5!  I'm really looking forward to these 2 weeks...  The freezers are in bad shape and the cookbook drawers are a hot mess! 

Until Tomorrow!