Monday, February 20, 2012

Menu Monday

This week's Menu is very sparse!  Why you might ask???  Well its because Chrissy and I are heading south to the warm state of Arizona on Friday!!!  I am so stoked.  It will be her first airplane trip.  I am sad Jake doesn't get to go and experience her first airplane trip though...  I guess there are always other firsts... 

So without further ado:

Cheesy Chicken and Rice


Super yummy and easy!  I haven't made this in a long time!!!

Tuesday:  Jake will be in Indianapolis for work so it will be just Chrissy and I...
Tomato soup and grilled cheese


I kind of hope you wouldn't need a recipe for tomato soup and grilled cheese, but JUST IN CASE...  LOL!!!  Comfort food at its best! 



I usually make my sauce with the McCormick Spaghetti packets and tomato paste.  It tastes better to me than Ragu or another brand of canned sauce.  That's how my momma made it so what I grew up on!  I always brown up some hamburger to add to the sauce.  Once again, that's how momma made it! 

Chicken Chili

I don't have a picture...  :(

It is a recipe I got from a friend though!  Super easy!  Here it is:

1 Can Swanson Chicken in Can (the bigger one, if its not the big can just use 2 smaller ones)
1 Can Great Northern Beans
2 Cups Swanson Chicken Broth
1 Jar Salsa (I use medium or hot and I always use picante because I don't like big chunks in my salsa)
Pepper Jack Cheese & Cheddar Cheese (I can't say how much because I really like mine cheesy)

Heat all ingredients until cheese melts!  HEAVEN IN A BOWL!!! 

Friday - Sunday:

ARIZONA!! Traveling to warmer climates!  Can't wait!

Have a wonderful week!!! 

Until Tomorrow!