Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Present

Need a last minute Valentines Day Present that is easy and quick to make?  Here is what I made for Jake this year:

What exactly is this you might say?  It is a way for him and I to show each other in writing daily (or as often as we change it) how much we love each other!  I got the inspiration from pinterest.  (of course, where else?)  http://pinterest.com/pin/64246732153886652/

When I originally saw this I knew immediately I wanted to do this!  I just loved the idea.  We have the perfect place in our bedroom right when you walk out of the door that I want to hang it on!  I don't think I will hang ours from a ribbon though... 

So how did I make this and how can you get this done quickly for a last minute valentines present?

First I headed to Hobby Lobby:
At first I was planning on doing all the sayings with the black letters, but since it is Valentines time they had scrapbook sayings that said I love you!  So I got one of those because I thought it would give it more definition.  I also grabbed a neutral scrapbook paper that would go with our room.  (Our room has a red and gold theme.)  I already had the frame but you can use any size frame you want to.

So I started with the mat on the frame and the paper behind it and added the I love you saying.  (Now I decided to keep the mat in the frame but like you can see in the picture above you do not have to have this...)

Then I added the 'because' out of the letters.  I just eyeballed the straight line using a ruler.  I think I did pretty good!

Next put it back in the frame. 

Next write your message to your loved one by using a dry erase marker on the glass!  (Yes I know I need a new dry erase marker...  )

How simple is that and what a awesome way to tell your special one how much you love them everyday!!!

Jake I hope you love your present! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Until tomorrow!