Monday, February 6, 2012

Menu Monday

Its Monday again.  Wasn't it just Friday?  Anyways, I am going to post my weekly menu for you.  Last week we did ok sticking to the menu.  Only strayed 1 day because Jake had a craving for Bruno's Pizza.  I let him have it...  So that just made this weeks menu change slightly, but you wouldn't know that...  So without further ado... 


(These are Weight Watchers recipes for all my Weight Watchers people!)


Chicken Parmesan Skillet Pot Pie


Easy Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas


Buffalo Chicken Ranch Wraps
My own recipe.  Pretty easy though!  Tortillas, Lettuce, Chicken Nuggets, Buffalo Wild Wings Medium Sauce, Ranch Dressing, and Chedder Cheese.  That's it!

Friday & Saturday:
Jake and I are going to Chicago!  This was a trip I got for my birthday!  We are going to see the play American Idiot!  I'm so excited!  So here is a sneek peek of what we will possibly be eating there!  YUMMY!

Sunday:  (Back to reality...)
Chicken Squares  (Jake's favorite food!)
My Recipe.   I think this link should give you the recipe.  Let me know if it doesn't!

Hope everyone enjoys these recipes!  I know I'm hungry already thinking about them!  Tomorrow I go to the store.  Hoping to stay between $50-$70!  We shall see!  Hopefully since I have 2 days I won't be cooking I'll be able to!

Until Tomorrow!


Maloma said...

LOVE your blog!! It's cute, crisp, and you write like we're having a chat over a warm cup of cocoa! Thank-you, Ferris! M <><.