Friday, January 20, 2012

Art Wall

So I saw this on Pinterest and I was talking with a friend about doing this because she is also planning on do this.

Here is the original blog.  I'm not going to take credit for it.  LOL!

So like I've said before I really don't have wall space in my kitchen.  However, I do have 1 wall.  It had a picture on it already.  I really like this picture but I am going to give it up so I can display Chrissy's art.  Here is the wall before:
Yes, I have a coke themed kitchen.  I love my kitchen...  Well, I would like to paint it and get my coke bottles up but for now I love it!  So this picture went bye bye to the basement.  It is going to be behind the bar.  It looks like a bar picture don't you think?

Ok so I was trying to figure out how I wanted to make this wall.  I found in my basement 5 magnetic coke pictures.  My mind started to run!  I could use these to hold the art and if I don't have something up I will still have coke art in my kitchen! 

So I went to the dollar store to look for some magnetic clips.  I actually found some!  They had round spots on them and I immediately thought I could put something on them!  Well during my trip to walmart I found some cute brads that would work perfectly!  Here is what I got:

See the circles that will be perfect!  Here is the back of the brads:

Here is how I attached them and how they turned out!

Weren't those perfect!  So this is what they look like on the coke pictures!

So I hooked Jake into helping me hang them.  He was home so I figured he could help!  LOL!  I'm sure he was thrilled...

Here is everything up! 
I still need to get my ART letters to put above it.  However I have some of Chrissy's art up now because she is always bringing things home from school!  Here it is with her artwork on it!

I love it!  FYI the one on the top left with just a red poof is Rudolph in a snow storm!  HAHA!!!

Until Tomorrow!  (I got the letters and will be working on them!!)


Quillin' Like a Villian said...

I have vinyl to make lettering with the Cricut machine. If you want something specific like "Chrissy's Pics" I'd be happy to make it for you.