Saturday, January 14, 2012

52 Week Organization, Week 2

Remember week 1 of the 52 week organization?  View it here if you don't (or you want to catch up)! 

This is week 2.  Week #2 = Organized Home Challenge Kitchen Drawers & Kitchen Cabinet Organization.  Now I kind of already started this a few weeks ago when I did my pantry.  It flowed over to a few cupboards. 

This week I worked a lot so I was not able to do my entire kitchen  but I did get 2 of my worst cabinets done so far!  I really hate my spice cabinet and my pots and pan cupboard.  They are horrible. 

So I had an idea that I saw on pinterest for my spice cabinet. 

Now I also happened to get these items while I was out:
The white basket is from Walmart and the other items are from DollarTree. 

Unfortunately, the awesome spice rack pull down thing didn't fit in the cabinet I needed it too so I have to take it back to the store.  Boo!  I hate going to Walmart to begin with and having to go back to return an item...  UGH! 

Anyways, back to organization!  The red fabric containers from the dollar store turned out to be really awesome.
The inside separators are just Velcroed in so you do not have to use it if you don't want to.  I bought 2 of these.  I used the separator for 1 and not the other.  Also, since these are from the dollar store they are not the strongest so I reinforced the bottoms with some extra cardboard.  This seemed to make them strong enough to pull in and out and not feel like they will break or drop all my items everywhere!  So here is my before spice cabinet:

OMG right!  How horrible is that!  Things everywhere!  I'll admit when we moved in this was the last cabinet to get put away and obviously we were tired by then and this is what happened!  HA! 

So this is what happened when I actually pulled everything out of the cabinet and actually organized it like I should have to begin with!!!

The top fabric box has the separators in it.  In that box is my vegetable oil, olive oil, pams, and some red and white cooking vinegar.  The bottom box has my extra spices in it. 

My favorite part is this:

I used the baskets that I got from the dollar store and screwed them to the cabinet.  (Well Jake screwed them to the cabinet.)  I love the way this turned out.  It was so nice tonight when I cooked to just quickly grab the items I needed because I could get to them easily!

I also decided to do my pots and pans cabinet.  I couldn't do much here but I was able to organize it a little better.  Here is the before:

Ok its pretty bad!  One thing I hear from Jake about this cabinet is that he can never find the lids to the pots and if he finds one its not the right size.  (I get ticked off when he uses the wrong size lid for a pot.  Its one of my pet peeves!  LOL)  My solution:
He now has no excuse!  They are all there!  Nicely stacked and all there!  This is how the rest of the cabinet turned out:

Now... I am going to do my best to keep it this way.  Should be ok.  One key thing is keeping the handles facing the back so the pans fit in there.  One thing we are also going to do but didn't have a chance to yet is make roll out bins for this cabinet.  I figure if I have roll outs I can accomplish another complaint of Jake:  I can't find anything because its in the lower cabinet.  Well, that's for another day. 

Now the only other cabinets I have to do are the 2 cabinets under my mixer.  I didn't have the energy to do those today.  Maybe tomorrow.  My other cabinets were pretty well organized right when we moved into our house a year ago.  I am happy with them for now so I won't worry about them. 

Things I am also working on this weekend are my menu board, my "art" wall for Chrissy, and my wire hanger crepe paper wreaths! 

Until Tomorrow!