Friday, January 13, 2012

Wreath for Charity

So I did this a while ago but I was not able to complete a lot last night and felt this would give some inspiration.  (I hope)

So last year when I got back from Thanksgiving on my desk I had an empty wreath.  No explanation.  I put it to the side since no one was there and I didn't have a clue why it was there.  When my boss came in I asked.  What is the wreath for?  His response...  We were asked to make a wreath to be auctioned off for a charity in town and I said you would do it.  HA!  Nice...  Thankfully work paid for all the supplies.  It was fun to make something and not have to pay for it.  So my mind started to wonder on what I would make...

Well I work for a local Home Builder.  So I wanted to make something that went with our business.  So I was thinking little tools.  Our colors are red and white so that makes good "Christmas" wreath colors.  So these are the supplies I got from Hobby Lobby:  (Hobby Lobby is my go to store... in case you didn't notice that already)

I wasn't sure exactly what I was going to use of this.  I got 2 sets of the tool ornaments, floral wire, red spray glitter, feathers, red ribbon, shutters from the doll house section, windows from the doll house section, and a door from the doll house section.  Oh and tape measures from the sewing section. 

I started with the bow first.  I had an idea in my head.  I wasn't sure if it was going to work but it did.  Can you guess?  Hint:  The tape measures...

Yes I made a bow out of the tape measure!  I was so excited!  It was perfect.  It was better than I thought it was going to be!  I did have to super glue it together.  That is why there is a clip holding it together.  It was drying. 

Ok then since it was for work I wanted to try to stick our name in there somewhere...  I made sure it was easily removed for whoever won it though!  No worries!!
Cute?  I think yes.  I loved that I put our name in a door!  Sorry I'm gloating I just loved the way it turned out!

Next I moved on to the wreath.  I played and rearranged and played some more.  My final looked like this:

Notice the other tape measure used as ribbon throughout the wreath.  The tools are on there but they are small so they aren't overwhelming.  The windows are the things that pop out the most to me.  I changed the shutters out to some extra samples I had in our selection room because the natural shutters and the natural windows seems over powering.  I stuck in some feathers and some red snowflakes!  I wish we could have kept it here.  I was sad to see it go.  I'm not sure how it did at the auction but I would like to think it did good.  (I can only hope right?)  Oh after it was completely done I sprayed it a few times with the red glitter.  It just gave it a little more pop and sparkle.  Nothing crazy!!

Now go out and make your own wreath!  Maybe a valentines one?  I will be making one this weekend.  It is on my to do list!  I have a lot on my to do list!  I hope I get it all done!  I will share it all with you of course!

Just a little preview of some of the organization I have been trying to work on...  What do you do with all of your tableclothes?  Mine were just under my server in my dining room.  They were taking up a ton of space and made it look horrible...  Solution?
Fold them all small and store in ziploc bags.  I got these at the dollar store so they were really cheap!  Here is what it looks like now under my server.  I am so happy with it! 

I can see them all, they take up less room and I look organized! 

Until tomorrow!