Sunday, January 8, 2012

Crazy, Eventful Weekend

So I had the greatest intention of blogging this weekend...  I wanted to get on the computer.  I'm actually writing this half asleep.  Let me start at the beginning...

Friday Night:

We went to Hana Yori.  If you have never been there, do yourself a favor and go.  The food is absolutely amazing.  They also have egg yolk sauce.  Don't ever ask what it is...  Just eat it.  Know that it is the best and worst thing you will ever eat.  Anyways...  every "Christmas" for Jake's side his cousins stay at our house since they live out of town!  It is a blast!  It is so nice to catch up...  We always go out to eat at Hana Yori and this night was no different.  However, this year we had some of the other cousins go with us!  Awesome!  Here are a few pictures of the amazing Hana Yori!

Jake's Long Island

Onion Volcano

Fried Rice and the Egg Yolk Sauce

Fillet...  Almost forgot to take a picture because I wanted to dive it and eat!
Hungry yet?  You should be...  Anyways, this was so much fun.  Then we went back to our house to hang out and talk!  We were up till 2:30/3!  OMG...  My bed time is about 11:30 AT THE LATEST!  HA! 


Saturday was Jake's Mom's Family Christmas at our house.  The Wood Family Christmas as we call it...  It is a great time.  It is a huge party...  Over 30 people I am not even sure if that includes kids?  I'm not counting right now.  I am too tired.  We always have a blast and we are never short of food!!!
This is just the main food table.  I didn't get a good picture of the dessert table!  Holy wow!  The funny thing is there is so many of us that after round 2 of food most everything is gone!  Now you are probably saying round 2, how long is this thing?  Well it started at 4 and it ended at 2.  Yes, 2am...  Now of course we didn't go right to bed after everyone left.  So, my bedtime Saturday night (well I should say Sunday morning) 3am...  Blah.  Here are a few pictures of the Christmas events...
Jenny and Aidrian.  They stayed with us!

Just the kids presents!

All the kids.  Minus Aidrian.  He was sleeping.

Really liked this view of the tree...

GG (Great Grandma) Wood

Jake being Jake.  Love him!

Half of the group

Other Half of the group

Precious angels!  Chrissy and Bella fell asleep finally!


Thankfully Chrissy slept till 8am.  Then she cuddled us and watched TV in our bed until 9.  Thank God!  We had my BFF's little girls 5th birthday party.  I can not believe she is 5!!!  Where has the time gone!  Chrissy is BFF's with Emma!  I love that they get along so well!!!  The party was at Elite Sports Academy.  This is where Chrissy and Emma take gymnastics and dance classes!  It is such a fantastic facility!  So Happy Birthday Emma!!!  Here are a few pictures of the party's events!   

Chrissy and her BFF and Birthday girl Emma

Jake and Chrissy on the slide.

Chrissy in the bounce house!
Love these panorama pictures!


Chrissy asked to go to bed at 7 tonight. I don't blame her at all! I was ready for bed at 4! LOL!!! I decided to put this blog up now so I could stay away awake a little more. 

So this is why I am so exhausted!  Super busy weekend and I've stayed up way way way past my bedtime 2 days in a row!!  I'll think about what I'm going to post tomorrow.  Right now I have no idea...  LOL

Until tomorrow!!!