Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm alive... kinda

So remember my Let it snow, Let it snow post?  Remember me saying Chrissy was sick which in turn will make its rounds? 

It did and with a vengeance!  So Chrissy started last week coughing...  Over the weekend I started coughing and then it turned into a fever and coughing...  Then I felt like I was dieing!

So Tuesday I went to the doctor...  Bronchitis and sinus infection...  Doctors orders to not return to work until Thursday...  Wonderful...  Free pass to no work!  If only I felt like I wasn't doing a bazillion sit ups every time I cough...  (need a new ab workout?  get bronchitis! UGH)  I can hardly move... 

So I'm sleeping Tuesday afternoon and my mother in law comes in with Chrissy and says she is saying her ear hurts.  Ok mommy mode in high gear!  Ok, Tylenol...  She didn't have a fever.  She still is kinda coughing but not like she was.  No more than 5 min later she is screaming her ear is hurting.  Thank God it was still office hours!  They were able to get her in asap.  (Like I was finishing the call and Grandma and Chrissy were walking out the door to get there on time!)  Called Daddy to meet them there! 

Diagnosis:  Slight ear infection and Slight Bronchitis!  Wonderful.  Jake really should have a mask when he's walking around this house! 

He's just waiting.  Chrissy's doctor told him its probably inevitable that he's going to get it.  I am hopeful that since he's gone a week now and hasn't gotten it he will be in the clear.  Fingers crossed for him!!

So there you have it!  I'm alive.  I haven't been able to do anything!  That's been killing me...  Jake has been amazing and is so good at taking care of us sickies!  I'm hoping we can get over all this asap!  I'm tired.  Physically and mentally... 

I can't say until tomorrow...  but I will say soon!