Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad (A little late)

My dad's birthday was this last weekend.  I was unable to celebrate it with him because of our crazy eventful weekend.  I was able to talk to him on the phone and Chrissy sang to him!  I have decided to make him a birthday gift though since I am into a crafting kick thanks to Pinterest!  So this is my inspiration:

So I have been back and forth and round and round trying to figure out how to make this.  How I want to attach the frame.  What do I want to make it on.  Do I want to do a canvas, do I want it on wood, or am I in over my head?  So I head to Hobby Lobby armed with the picture inspiration and a possible list of what I think I will need...  This is what I ended up with:  (sorry about picture quality... its from my phone and I forgot to turn the flash on)

Supplies above include scrapbook paper, letters, a frame, ribbon, sponge paint brushes, and mod podge.  Can you believe I have never used mod podge before?  I am slightly nervous and super excited to finally use it!  I was going to make my own from a recipe on Pinterest but I didn't want to mess this time.  So whenever I finish this (huge) bottle I will see about making my own... 

I was going to do a canvas but I wasn't sure how I was going to attach the stupid little frame on it.  I mean its canvas...  it will rip and tear and what not...  However, I was walking around like a lost puppy and came across this!  Its called a panel.  The back looks like this:

I figure since it is made on wood I would be able to tack in the frame through the back and not worry about it not staying on the panel!  How super excited I was for this find.  It was a sign that I stumbled upon it!

The sides are like this:

I am planning on using the ribbon to cover these sides! 
So there you have it!  I am planning on working on it tonight and tomorrow.  I'll do another post on how it turns out! 

So happy birthday dad!  I know you won't read this but I love you!  I will always be your little girl!!!

Until tomorrow!


rebeccajo said...

Incase you ever need to attach something again E6000 glue attaches anything to almost anything!
I love it! Metal, plastic, wood, glass, ect. it just needs to set-up for a day and then the hold is almost unbreakable.
That is how I make jewelry. I also glued painted wooden letters to chipboard. It worked great!