Tuesday, January 3, 2012

52 Week Organization

52 Week Organization.  My friend signed up for a weekly email to organize her house.  She found it on Pinterest.  Got to love Pinterest.  I don't think I have the discipline to do a whole year of organization.  I know that is on my New Years resolution but...  LOL...  anyways...

So the she told me this week was the kitchen counters.  Well, that worked out for me because that's what I had planned yesterday anyways!  I figured going from the pantry to the kitchen cupboards and counter tops would only make sense!  I didn't do any fancy organizing here.  Just cleaned up, put away, and moved around to make it flow better.  Here are the before pictures:

And since I said that I was going to finish the other side of that other cupboard I stuck to my word and did it.  Here is the before picture:

I know its all horrible isn't it!  Well I'm happy to say it doesn't look like this anymore!!!  AND it feels GREAT!!!!!!!!  Even Jake said after dinner that he felt happier.  What a relief!  The key to doing all this organizing...


If you just set them in another spot you will have clean it again when you get to that point. Whether it is today or tomorrow or a week from now.  DO IT NOW.  You will thank me!  So I started with the cupboard.  This is what transpired.
The mason jars where on the counter below this cupboard.  Jake made some drink called apple pie(Maybe I'll have him make it again and I can blog the recipe)  and when they were empty they just got put on the counter top.  The middle self is my plastic containers and what I did with these was make sure they all had matching lids before I "saved" them.  If they didn't,  in the trash they went.  (Well, until I knew that I didn't need them for anything)  So the lids are in a small box to the right.  That is where they will go after they are washed.  (I have a ton more plastic containers but think about the time of the year...  my refrigerator is filled with them!  I know those all have lids though!)  The bottom shelf are my Pyrex bowls.  The rest of the Pyrex is a cupboard below the counter top because those are baking.  This cupboard I am saving for my storage bowls.  Pretty isn't it!  Once again all the Pyrex lids are on the right in the loaf pan. 

Now to my counter tops.  No real special organization went into these.  Like I said above... just put the items away when they are in your hand.  EVEN if that means walking across your house a bazillion times like I had too!  Plus its exercise...  So I started where the mason jars were since they were being put away anyways...  I moved the coffee maker.  Jake and I don't drink coffee.  Friends and family do so having it on the counter is a must.  Jake is going to plug it in behind the refrigerator but I forgot to make him do it last night.  Opps!

The desktop computer was a mess, cords everywhere.  I moved all that stuff and dusted and organized the cords a little better.  How nice does that look!!!  Then I moved to the counter by the stove...  The spice rack moved to where the coffee maker was.  That makes much more sense to me.  I will use it more with it being there.  The few items left on the counter are the medicines that we take every day...  peanut butter...  (Jake uses this every morning for breakfast)...  dog treats...  I hung my bananas...  Command hooks are my favorite!!.  That's all I did!
Now this little piece of counter is my most hated.  This little area usually becomes the catch all for things that need to go downstairs and well just "crap".  This is where my walking back and forth took place. 

Doesn't that look amazing!!!  (Now don't call the fish police.  We cleaned the tank last night...Here's hoping the clean water doesn't kill the fish now!)

So there you have it.  Counter tops...  Can make you feel amazing!  I do have running to do today and I go back to work tomorrow but I am going to try to keep up organizing like I have the last few days.  Its a lot of work but it makes you feel soooooo good!!!!

Oh by the way, remember my blog post that there was no snow?  Guess what?
This is my backyard!  Over 7 inches!!!  We even had time to go out an play last night!  Jake came home early to surprise us and Chrissy got to go sledding down the hills in our backyard!
She went a little off the path on this run!  We all had a blast!!! 

Today I am going to do my running and hope to tackle the outside of the refrigerator and the area by the microwave...  fingers crossed!!!

Until Tomorrow!!!