Tuesday, January 17, 2012

52 Week Organization, Week 3

Hello all!  Its week 3 of the 52 Week Organization...

Week #3 Organized Home Challenge Organize Pantry, Spices & Food

If you remember I already did this!  I actually started with my pantry before I decided to do this challenge!  So here is the link to my previous post about how I cleaned my pantry!

Here are my pretty pictures of my cleaned pantry and I am happy to say that it still looks like this!  I am proud of it!  I would show it to anyone now! 

Love it!  So clean and I can see everything.  It makes it so much easier to find what I have.  Go figure!  LOL!!!

So the second part of Week 3 is the spice area.  Well, if I would have read ahead I would have seen that I should have waited for the spice cabinet but I included it in week 2 since it was one of my cabinets...  Oh well!!!

So here is the link to my cleaning of my spice cabinet and here a a couple reminder pictures!  I love it!  I use this cabinet with much more ease now.  I can just grab.  I don't have to push things out of the way.  Everything is all right there for me.

Since I technically am done with week 3 I think I will go back and review week 2 items.  Cabinets.  I am going to work under my sink and the really long cabinet that things get lost in to the left of the sink.  They are pretty clean but they can always be better!!! 

Here is a link to week 1.
Here is a link to week 2 here and here.

Until tomorrow!  (I think I will have some yummy food for you to drool over!)