Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Menu Board

So I try to make a weekly menu of dinners.  I have these written down for myself but usually Jake will ask me what we are having.  That is fine but sometimes I will forget my paper that its written on or I will leave it at work.  So that is annoying. 

Pinterest has a ton of different ideas for menu boards.  I didn't know for a while what I really wanted.  I don't have a lot of wall space in my kitchen so I couldn't decide if I wanted to go monthly or just weekly for the board.  There was also a lot of ideas on magnetic, dry erase, chalkboards... 

Decisions, Decisions...

Saturday when I was roaming the isles of Walmart lost... (because I hate how Walmart is set up and I can never find anything!)  I found a cookie sheet some place it shouldn't be but it looked cheap...  go figure...  Then it dawned on me...  Menu Board!  It was like the light dawned!  This is how I want to do the weekly menu board and I'm going to use this cheap cookie sheet. 

The supplies above are the things I came up with.  Walmart doesn't sell regular magnets.  Really, wow...  They are odd aren't they! 

I started by using Mod Podge and attached the paper to the back of the cookie sheet.  Why the back of the sheet you ask?  Well I decided I wanted to put it on my refrigerator and in order to attach it the way I want to I must use the back as the main board. 

I am not sure why I can not get the paper to not bubble up but now that its dried it seems to have worked out ok. 

Next I made the magnets to represent the days.   I found chip board letters at walmart that were only 87 cents.  The round magnets were $1.88 for 8 of them.  They were fancier than I wanted.  (Like I said earlier they don't carry plain magnets...)  I did use a dab of superglue to hold them on there.  I am happy with the way they turned out. 

At first I found really cute little clothes pins that I wanted to use but these turned out better than I thought they would so I'm happy with them.

Next I made the magnets that will hold up the board.  I put the word MENU on it. 

At first I didn't put the circles behind the letters.  It looked too plain so I had to do something.  That is the same paper that is on the back of the cookie sheet cut into circles and mod podged on.  (There is a funny story about these magnets but Jake said I can't share it.  If I get 10 or more comments asking about it I will share...  LOL)

So my finished project:

I need to make my papers to put on here.  I don't have a printer at my house though so I will have to print them at work.  I believe I will do business card size menu items.  I have thought about how I will store cards when they are not in use.  I haven't decided yet.  I will update this when I finally decide.

Until Tomorrow!!


Quillin' Like a Villian said...

Your menu board looks good! Here's an idea on how to make the dinner items... Print your own magnetic business cards. Or, print your dinner descriptions onto mailing address labels or name badge lables, adhere those to chipboard and then put a magnet on the back. Does your cookie sheet board come off of the fridge easily or is it pretty well stuck? If you can just take it off easily, you can store the dinner magnets on the underside of your cookie sheet. Or I just thought of another idea... Cut out pictures from magazines (hamburgers, spaghetti, chicken soup, etc) or take pictures of the meals you prepare and use those to make a picture menu that Chrissy can read and help with. AND... I just have to ask... What's the magnet story that Jake won't let you tell? :)

Ferris said...

That is genius! I can just store the items on the underside of the board! I also love the idea of using pictures instead of words... Until I get more comments the story stays locked up. HAHA! Hope we get more comments!