Monday, January 16, 2012

Wire Hanger Heart Wreath

I did another DIY project with my excess wire hangers that we have in our house!  Back in the 3rd or 4th grade we made Christmas wreaths out of wire hangers and tissue paper.  What I remember about them:

  1. They were easy to make.  Just twist the tissue paper around the wire.
  2. They were a pain in the arse...  Cutting all the tissue paper up took forever.
So as much as I wanted to make a valentine wreath I didn't want to spend forever cutting up tissue paper.  I saw on Pinterest someone made a wreath out of crepe paper!  Genius!  They made it on a foam wreath and pinned it on.  Making little rosettes.  I didn't want to do this.  I wanted to make my original wire hanger wreath.  This is what I did!

 This is what I started out with.  A wire hanger, crepe paper from the dollar store (they come in a pack of 2 for $1, what a deal!), some ribbon (also from the dollar store), and some valentine picks.  I thought I would have to use the picks to decorate the wreath... 

Step 1:  Make the wire hanger into the shape of a heart.  I also folded the hook over to make a loop.  This way I can hang it and make it look a little nicer.

Step 2:  Cut a bunch of smaller strips of the crepe paper.  I am not sure how many I cut.  I used red and pink.  Jake wanted a multi colored wreath.  I used almost a whole roll of each color.  I wanted a very poofy wreath.

Step 3:  Fold the paper in half over the wire.

Step 4:  Twist the paper a few times.

Step 5:  I did 2 red and 2 pinks.  Keep twisting and bunching them.

Step 6:  (Not pictured) When the wreath is complete wrap the loop with the ribbon to cover the wire.

Step 7:  Hang your wreath.  I was going to add the valentine picks but I don't think I need to.  The heart shape held up well.  I really love the way it turned out. 

I didn't measure the strips.  They are all varying sizes.  If you want to take the time to measure each one be my guest.  I don't have that kind of time.  I like the crepe paper because you can squeeze it to make it smaller or spread it apart to make it bigger.  You can fix spots that need to be fixed. 

This only took me a night.  I was sitting in front of the tv doing this.  I think I am going to make another one tonight.  I might put it in my dining room since there isn't any decorations in there. 

Since I didn't use the valentines picks I have another idea in my head that I want to do with them.  I'm thinking a topiary or something like that!  We will see!

Until Tomorrow!


Christine B said...

How many things of crepe paper did you use to make your wreath?