Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let is Snow, Let it Snow

Do I like snow?  No.  I live in Northern Indiana though, its a fact of life that it will come sooner or later.  This winter has been the craziest winter I can remember (and its not even half done yet!).  Temperatures in the 40s and 50s in winter is insane and yet this is what we have been dealing with.  Well, it will snow then it will be 40 and it will all melt and the next day it will be 20 and we will get 3 + inches of snow. 

One thing that is annoying me to no end though...  The weather melts the snow and come the weekend there isn't enough for them to open the tubing hills.   UGH!  Will it be open this weekend?  I have no idea.  We got snow yesterday, today and we are supposed to get some tomorrow.  Of course, though, if they open this weekend we will not be able to go.  Why you ask?  Chrissy's got a cough.  Its back.  UGH...  It was so nice to have about a month without it.  I know this will inevitably come make its rounds to me.  BLAH...  The joys of being a mother!  Anyways, enough of me complaining.  On to what I want to share with you today...

So since it is still winter I have purged my house of anything Christmas, but leaving snowmen up is ok.  It is winter after all.  I did take down most of them but here and there you will find a snowman...  So I want to share with you a few homemade snowmen in my house.  One was made by a dear friend and the other was made by my mom.  I can not take credit for making these!  I will share how they are made with you though!  Hope they don't mind!!

Here are the snowmen:

Aren't they so cute!!!  I love having them out.  They make me smile because they are so cheerful and I just love handmade gifts.  They make me feel so good...

So here is how they are made...

So go to your local home store and grab some patio pavers and some white latex paint.  Paint the entire area letting it dry really good.  Sometimes these pavers have a tendency to suck up the paint.  You will know when it has had enough coats! 

Next decorate it!  Simple.  You can see from the 2 above that I have that you can use buttons, paint, feathers, and just about anything you can find to decorate him or her!!!

Now, if you have never googled painted snowman pavers do yourself a favor and do it!  Oh my the ideas that are out there!  I am itching to make some of these!  I would have never thought I didn't have to just make snowmen.  DUH!  Why didn't I think of this before!!!  I might just have to make one for every season!

Here are a few that I found that are inspiring to me:  (sorry I don't have links to where they came from nor taking credit for them...  I was just searching google images) 

Enjoy the inspiration!  Go get some pavers and create something!!! I'm so going to make some of those pumpkins this year!

Until Tomorrow!!!