Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Few Updates

Remember my 52 week organization post?  It was about week 1.  If not you can find it here.  Well, I wanted to be held accountable for it so here is the a picture of my kitchen from last night!  I'm doing great and it still feels great to have clean counter tops!

Now looking at this picture from the previous post I notice someone put something up on the side of my refrigerator!  UGH!  Going to have to see what that is.  That just shows how little I look at that side of the refrigerator...

Now I also want to update on my nail post.  Remember I said I would try to take a picture of my nails before I redid them.  Well, I took one this morning because I think today or tomorrow I will be redoing them and I didn't want to forget to take a picture...  Notice they are still somewhat shiny.  This is that amazing top coat!  Also notice where my nails have chipped.  Where the insta dri nail polish isn't! 

Ok those were my updates.  I didn't want to post them on the actual post so someone wouldn't miss them!

Until Tomorrow!