Sunday, January 15, 2012

52 Week Organization, Week 2 Part 2

Well, here I am, 2 posts in 1 day.  I didn't think I would do that...  I decided to put up a few more pictures of my cabinet organizing since tomorrow starts another week. 

If you want to see my other post you can see it here

Anyways, I said I wanted to accomplish my cabinet under my mixer area.  It has cookie sheets, pyrex cooking dishes, my crock pot, waffle maker, and quesadilla maker.  It was a mess.  I always felt like I was going to break something when I got out a dish.  Well, here is what I'm talking about...

Yes I know its bad.  Why am I putting myself out here for people to see how horrible I am keeping my stuff clean?  Oh well, at least I can hope that I am inspiring someone...

Back to my organizing.  Once again I basically started like I have everything so far.  Take everything out, go through it, and then put it back in.

The only thing that was in these cabinets that got moved was the box of fancy silverware that I inherited from my mom.  I moved it to the server.  I figured that was a much better place for them. 

Here is one of the cabinets:
The top has my salad spinner, pitchers, smaller pyrex pans, and will have my round pyrex dish (it was in the dishwasher).  The bottom has my larger pyrex and my loaf pans.  It also has a few lids for some of the larger pyrex dishes.  Nothing special.  I can't really put any of the fancy separators in my cabinets because of the way my old cabinets are... 

Here is my other cabinet:
The top has all of my cookie sheets and my serving platters.  On top of the serving platters are my 3 go to cookie sheets that I use all the time!  These have been moved from the other cabinet to this one.  I wonder how long I will forget they are in this one.  The bottom is my bigger appliances.  The waffle maker, quesadilla maker, popcorn maker, and the front open spot is for the crock pot (it was in use for a yummy recipe that I will share later). 

So nothing to special but its organized.  Its clean.  It makes me feel good.  On to next week!  I'm up for it.... 

Until Tomorrow (for real this time!)