Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bottle Lamps

When Jake cleaned out under the bar he ultimately had a bazillion empty alcohol bottles.  This made us look well, um...  you take a look...  This is over a year though of not ever throwing out a bottle! (excuse the picture quality...  this is from his phone...)

So Jake decides he wants to do something with them...  Of course I balk at the idea.  Who would ever want something made out of an old liquor bottle?  He happens to mention he's seem people make them into lamps.  I am not thrilled.  Wonderful, my basement is going to be full of ugly liquor lamp bottles...  Blah... 

Anywho, he makes a few.  Takes pictures of them and the very first day he sold 2 or 3.  I can't remember...  Whoa wait a minute!  People will buy these...  HA!  So since he got another order last night and was going to make it I said don't do it until Chrissy goes to bed so I can take pictures and write about it tomorrow...  He gives me this look like are you freaking kidding me.  My response...  "Oh don't give me that look, you know you are flattered that I want to write about them!"  HAHAHA!  No response from him! 

So later last night I follow him downstairs to see him work his magic.  He starts off drilling a hole in the back of the bottle toward the bottom...  Slowly and carefully he drilled the hole. I was impressed.

When he is finished with the hole he washes out the bottle to make sure it is clean of any glass dust.  Then he gets the attachments seperated to find out what fits in the bottle he is making at the time.

Now this bottle was "special"...  It was a wine bottle so the rubber peices didn't quite fit.  The biggest one had to be cut down.  Once he did get it fitted he put the base on. 

Sorry the picture is blurry.  Jake's hands were moving so fast!  This is the best one...

Then it was time to string the cord.  In through the bottom up through the top.  Pretty commen sense.  LOL

Then comes wiring.  I am not good with those terms so lets just leave it at wiring the lamp...

He puts a little glue on his finger and puts in on the rubber stopper and then puts the rubber stopper on the bottle...  wahla! 

Here are a few other bottles that he's made that are my favorite.  If it is a clear bottle he puts a filler in so you won't see the cord...

So there you have it!  Liquor bottle lamps!  They are for sale if you want one let me know!!!  I'll get you pricing!!!  Once again I do have to say Jake was right...