Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Cork Board Frames

So I know I said yesterday I was going to talk about the 52 week organization.  I didn't have time last night to complete anything so I am going to talk about the DIY cork board frames I made as gifts for some friends for Christmas.  (We just did our celebration so I can now talk about it!)

So a while back when I first got turned on to Pinterest my friend Stephanie sent me this picture:

I really liked it.  I thought to myself I could totally make that!  Then I thought I want to make these for my friends for Christmas!  So my mind started to run with ideas...  How did I want to do this...  (excuse the misc pictures, this was before I got into taking pictures of my process on making things!)

So I'm not sure why (probably something else I saw on Pinterst) but I got the idea to make this project into a cork board.  Then it would double purpose with the board and the hooks...  So I went to hobby lobby and found the letters, cork board tiles (they come in a pack of 4), and the packages of hooks.  I got the frames and spray glue at Meijers because they are way cheaper there!

So these are examples of what I got:

So I started out by taking the glass out of the frames.  I took the glass and measured the size onto the cork board tiles.  Now you do not have to cut all the way through the cork.  Just score it a little.  It will break easily once it is scored! 

Now technically you could just leave it.  Obviously that wasn't what I was going for so based on my inspiration I was going to put letters on them.  I couldn't decide if I wanted to use the bow that came with the letters or not.  I did decide not to.  I couldn't get them exactly like I wanted.  So I took the spray adhesive and sprayed the back of the letters and positioned them on the cork boards and pressed them down.  That stuff will hold just about anything.  (Steph will atest to that with all the presentation boards we've had to make for work!)  So this is where we are:

Now I didn't want to just give them empty cork boards so I found these cute cork board clips.  Sometimes you need a clip instead of a pin.  I did put a few push pins in there too. 
"L", "J", and "G" for the 3 very best dance mom friends out there!

For some reason I don't have a picture of the finished board.  I swore I took one but I can't find it.  If I find one with the hooks on the bottom for keys and what not I will update this...  But basically Jake started small holes in the bottoms of the frames with the screw gun and then screwed the little hooks into the frames. 

Simple.  Easy.  Fast project.  Very useful too!

Until tomorrow!
Just an update!!!

My best friend Stephanie who I made one of these for sent me a picture of it up!  It looks great and what a wonderful way to use it! 

She hung it next to her stove.  She is hanging her measuring spoons from it and is going to use the clip to hang recipes from when she cooks!  Yay Steph!  It looks awesome!  Thanks for sharing the pictures with me!!!


Quillin' Like a Villian said...

Do I see a decorative paper flowers in the corner of the original picture? I could show you how to make them sometime if you'd like. :)