Monday, January 30, 2012

Menu Monday

So, I'm back...  I still feel like crap...  I am still coughing and sound awful...  I'm still tired...  BUT I tried to get more things done this weekend.  Jake has been a big help!  Last week was awful on our menu planning!  What can you do when you are sick...

 Here is what I have planned this week:

Monday:  Pizza Casserole 

Tuesday:  Crispy Cheddar Chicken 
Wednesday:  Crock Pot Beef

Thursday:  Spaghetti  (no link...  My recipe)  I'll make the sauce Monday when I make the pizza casserole then Jake will only have to make the noodles and heat up the sauce.  Thursdays are our busiest nights because Chrissy and I both have dance classes. If I'm lucky we will get home at 7:30!

Friday:  Movie Night and Dinner (every week we get together with my parents and my godparents and we watch a movie and usually get pizza!  Yummy!  I look forward to this every week!)

Saturday:  Hamburgers and Fries  (Not just regular hamburgers though!  I am going to make my Worcestershire sauce hamburgers.  Yummy!  I haven't made these in a while!  I might even make my own fries!  Watch out!  LOL!!!)

Sunday:  Chicken Quesadillas (My recipe)  My chicken quesadillas are Legend (wait for it) Dary!  LOL!!! 

So what are you eating this week?  I am always up for some new recipes and yummy new things to try!!