Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentines Ball

So today I went shopping for my menu for the week and did really well!  $74 and saved over $25!  I'd like to work on getting it down to $50 a week when I go shopping but alas I did pretty well this week!

Today I'm going to tell you about how I made my valentines day ball!

I did a quick run to the dollar store to get some Styrofoam.  I knew that I had seen it there before and I had an idea for a valentines "ball" for an extra decoration.  I was able to find one.  It was slightly bigger than I wanted but it would work.

I did cut it down a little, making it more of a round shape.  I should have made it smaller but I am happy with the way it turned out!

Remember when I made my crepe paper wreath?  I bought some valentines picks thinking I would use them in the wreath, but then I didn't?  If not, you can read it here!  Anyways, here are the things I was left with after I made the wreath:

So first I started out by cutting the sticks on the hearts down, but don't throw away the extra parts, you will use them later!!

Then I made little loops with the ribbon!  Guess where the sticks go?  If you guessed on the loops you are right!!

Then I just stuck the loops and the hearts in the Styrofoam.  Put them as close as you want.  Mine could be closer but from where you sit and look at it you will not see the green between it.  You could also have just gotten white Styrofoam and it wouldn't have mattered but white wasn't available to me...

So here is my "ball" on its shelf.  Just right for the small area I had for it next to my valentines scentsy (last years style)!

After sitting back and looking at it I have moved some of the picks around and it looks fuller now! 

Tomorrow I am going to update you on the letters for the Art Wall and the letters for the Bath tiles that I started a long time ago!  LOL  (opps!)

Until Tomorrow!